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SPLURGY – Inspiring and celebrating kids!

SPLURGY is for those kids who, love ice cream in cones & dress up clothes, roaring dinosaurs & sand in their toes, tea parties in the sun & playing out back, blowing out candles & bubble wrap.

SPLURGY is for those parents who, love surprises & fun in the park, sharing a book until well after dark, parties at home with family & friends, enjoying a BBQ until the night ends, homemade cakes & treats galore, enjoying the party like never before.

SPLURGY is for those kids who love life & for those parents who love those kids!

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SPLURGY BOOKS – By Author Talia Evered

I wonder what I can wonder in my wardrobe

Imagine a magic doorway

The wibbly wobbly washing machine

Splurgy colour me in book

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Storytelling sessions in Early childhood centres and schools.

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Inspiring kids, encouraging creative writing through one-off workshops or on-going creative writing classes.

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SPLURGY – Dream, Imagine, Experience

Inspiring and celebrating kids